Transform your product or service into a brand that people can't ignore.

My name is Daniel Ocock and I work with Founders, Entrepreneurs and Influencers who share a vision to succeed with business ideas worth shouting about. I've created this scorecard specifically to help you gain confidence with your business and brand identity.

Get a bespoke report with your brand score analysed across six core areas including...


Does your audience understand your brand and do they engage with it?


Your brand could be costing you in terms of value when it comes to price.


Do you have a memorable way of engaging your customers? 

OK, I’m ready - I want to know my score!


Cynthia Godslaw
Founder, CynbyCyn

“Now my audience understands my brand.
 I'm able to reach out to the type of partnership deals I want.”

Jake Charlton
Marketing Manager, Loadhog

“We needed our brand to be exciting, innovative and above all else something that customers respond to.”

OK, I’m ready - I want to know my score!

Ready to succeed?

If you've got an idea or business worth shouting about then make sure your brand and visual identity back it up.

Use this report to:

  • Evaluate what you've got when it comes to your brand.
  • Decide if you're ready for the next step in growth.
  • Gain expert insight immediately without cost.
  • Grow your brand and feel proud of it. 
Take me to the test now!

Victoria Banszak
Founder, VE Advisory

“Daniel helped to propel my business forward by bringing my ideas to life. Working together was motivating, fun and straightforward. I hope to have new opportunities to work with him again in the future. ”

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